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Remember those men and women of the Khalsa Panth,
who sacrificed their life for the Dharam (Faith and Truth.)
Who suffered every limb of thier body being cut joint by joint.
Whose bodies were broken on the wheels,
and were tortured and skinned alive.
Remember those Great Martyrs,
who were sawn alive, from head to foot...
...yet remained unshakeable in thier Faith unto the last.

(from the Sikh Ardaas, Prayer)

Bhai Anokh Singh Ji, "Babbar"

Bhai Sahib Ji served the Sikh Nation for many years under the forces of Jathedar Sukhdev Singh and the Babbar Khalsa. He was killed in the most ruthless manner on August 30th, 1987. Like his companion Shulkhan Singh "Babbar", Bhai Sahib's arms and legs were torn apart, his eyes guazed and his abdomen ripped. Even after so much torture, Bhai Sahib Ji remained calm and in High Spirits. With Akal's Hukam, he reached the the Highest State known to the Sikh Warrior : Martyrdom.