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Bhai Nand Singh Ji

Before meeting Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Bhai Sahib was known as Naib Subedar of Multan, and also as Mir Munshi of Aurangzeb's heir to the throne, Bhadur Shah.. To Sikhs he has been popularly known as Bhai Nand Lal Ji (Goya). Born in 1633 at Ghazni, Bhai Sahib became a great Persian poet and was strongly influenced by Rumi and Hafiz, whom he frequently quotes. In 1682, after his journey from Multan to Amritsar, he stopped over in Anandpur Sahib to have the Blessed Darshan of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. . He immediately received "Gurdikhya" (Charn-Amrit), and became one of Guru Sahib's most devoted disciples and a Poet Laureate of His Darbar. In 1699, Bhai Sahib along with thousands of others took Khanday-Ki-Pahul (Baptism of the Double-Edged Sword), which had replaced the Charan-Amrit Ceremony. From then on he was known as Bhai Nand Singh Ji. Bhai Sahib left this world in 1705.

Bhai Sahib Ji was well rehearsed in Arabic and Farsi. His writings are given the utmost respect by the Khalsa Panth.. Bhai Sahib's exemplary writings include :

(1) Zindagi-Namah
(2) TousiFaushnah
(3) GanjNamah
(4) Joti-Vikash
(5) Divan-Goa-h
(6) Insha Datoor
(7) Arzul-Ilfaaz
(8) Khatt-Mah