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The following points are clear from the above references :
  • Not only Kes (unshorn hair) are part of the external Khalsa Rahit, but also Keski (the Turban to cover the hair)

  • Keski is required by ALL SIKHS, regardless of sex. (See Rahit-Namah, Bhai Daya Singh Ji, above. Note: Bhai Daya Singh was one of the initial 5 Piyarays on Vaisakhi 1699.)

  • There is no separate Rahit for women, they are required to follow the Guru's Hukam in the same manner men are required to, and wear a Keski (Dastaar.) Sadly, for the last 60 odd years, "modern Sikh" females have rejected this very symbol of GurSikhi, and have thus gone against the Hukams of our Gurus. With the upsurge of Gurmat Parchaar, especially in the western countries, it is inspiring to see many daughters of Guru Gobind Singh wearing Dastaars as required by the Khalsa Rahit.