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...the Indian Government has been the major cause
of bloodshed in the state (Punjab)..."

-New York Times, Sept.16, 1985

"Indian Government is accused of inhuman
barbarities against the people of Punjab."

-Justice V.M. Tarkunde, Bombay High Court

A member of the Indian government's "Red
Brigade" confessed to State-sponsored terrorism
against the Sikhs.

-The Ottawa Citizen, Feb. 12, 1989

After the military attack on Darbar Sahib Amritsar, and the Martyrdom of Baba Jarnail Singh Khalsa, Bhindranwale, the Sikh Army took on a new shape. While the Hindu dominated Indian Government was busy trying to exterminate the Sikhs, and announced that they had "broken their back", the Sikh Freedom Fighters re-organized themselves into several forces, dedicated to liberating the Sikh Homeland.

The popular forces included :

Khalistan Commando Force :
Headed by General Labh Singh Ji

Babbar Khalsa International :
Headed by Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Ji "Babbar"
Jathedar Talwinder Singh Ji and
Bhai Wadhawa Singh "Babbar"

Khalistan Liberation Force :
Headed by Avtar Singh "Brahma", and later by
Bhai Gurjant Singh "BudhSinghWala"

Bhindranwala Tigers Force :
Headed by Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal

These Sikh Freedom Fighters quickly became popular among the masses, and have been looked upon by the young and old alike. This, of course, did not suit the Fascist Indian Government. Since the early 1980's the Punjab police along with thousands of paramilitary troops began a systematic, terror campaign not only against the these Freedom Fighters, but also against the general Sikh public. Thousands of young Sikh men between the ages of 15-25 were imprisoned, tortured, and afterwards exterminated. Sikh women were humiliated in public, stripped naked, and gang raped by the government hoodlums. Anyone whom the Indian tyrants suspected was quickly arrested or conveniently "eliminated" in routinely staged fake encounters. These actions only strengthened the resolve of the Sikhs to rid their Homeland of the Indian Invaders, and establish self-rule.

To create chaos and destabilize the Freedom Movement, the Indian government, has planted its agents (pseudo-Sikhs) in all Sikh organizations in Punjab. Many agents are actually Punjabi Hindus disguised as Sikhs. They have also infiltrated most of the Sikh Organizations and Temples abroad. The main goal of these agents is to discredit the Independence Movement and create confusion among the general public.

In Punjab, the Government is spending millions of dollars in a campaign to "Hindu-ize" the Sikhs into the old-Brahmanic fold. To weaken the future generation's religious attitudes illicit drugs, pornography, and alcohol is being made readily available to the youths of Punjab. Television programs are aimed to promote anti-Sikh behavior, which they believe will cause the new generation to lose its religious identity. This is exactly what the Sikh Freedom Fighters are fighting against.

Since the Eighties, countryside of Punjab has been wasted by the Indian Army, Sikh men are routinely rounded up and killed in fake encounters.

Graphic Tales of Torture

WARNING: The pictures below are graphic in nature

Tortured GurSikh :Bhai Palvinder Singh

Tortured GurSikh: Uknown Singh

Tortured GurSikhs

GurSikh killed in a Fake "Encounter"

Tortured GurSikh who was boiled alive

Tortured GurSikh burnt with hot iron [Photo 1]

Tortured GurSikh burnt with hot iron [Photo 2]

Tortured GurSikh burnt with hot iron [Photo 3]

Today the Sikh Nation is fighting for its survival, for its dignity, and for its Independence. The day is not far when the Khalsa will ride upon to the Red Fort in Delhi to fly the Kesri Nishan Sahib, and liberate the Sikh Homeland from the crutches of the Fascist Indian Government.